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Get involved with the library!

We have two opening for volunteer positions to influence the future of your library.

Lonsdale Public Library Board

Help shape the library as a member of our board.

  • Attend monthly meetings to oversee the library’s budget and operations
  • Interview and hire new employees
  • Advocate for the library in the community

Board members are appointed by the Mayor.   You must be a resident of the city of Lonsdale.  Please fill out this application:  City Board Application and return it to City Hall.

SELCO Advisory Board

Help influence library services at a broader level by getting involved with our regional library system.

  • Attend quarterly meetings to oversee SELCO’s budget and operations
  • Serve on committees to shape the region’s future library services
  • Advocate for libraries

Lonsdale’s SELCO representative is appointed by the Library Board.  Please contact the library if you are interested or need more information.

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Lonsdale Public Library Meeting

Thursday, November 5thfriends
6:30 pm
Library meeting room

Everyone is welcome.  Refreshments will be served.

This will be a preliminary meeting to recruit members and create a plan for the Friends going forward.  Come and find out what it’s all about.  No experience?  No problem!

What is the Friends of the Library?

The Friends of the Library is a group of library users who care about and support the library.  We need a core group of dedicated volunteers who will help to resurrect the group.   The members can choose a structure, but the Friends will likely need officers.

What needs to be done?

There are some specific tasks that are needed to recreate the friends group including writing a mission statement and bylaws, and applying for 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

What kind of activities do the Friends of the Library do?

The members of the Friends of the Library will get to choose what activities they think are important.  Some common tasks that friends groups do include advocating for the library, raising funds for special projects, and sponsoring programs.

Do I need to donate money?

The Friends of the Library can choose to charge dues or not.  The friends group may also raise money other ways, including the ongoing book sale in the library.

Is the Friends of the Library part of the library?

No.  While the Friends of the Library exists to improve the collections, programs and visibility of the library, the group does not answer to the library, its staff or any government agency.