How do I volunteer at the library?

We always welcome your help!  We have several ongoing opportunities for volunteers.


Dusting and other light cleaning:  If you want to drop in and do an hour or two of service, we always need someone to dust the bookshelves or clean the windows.

Adopt a shelf:  Some of our younger patrons who use the library often will “adopt” a shelf.  That means that every time they come into the library, they check that the books on their shelf are tidy and in the correct order.

Shelf-reading:  If you like the idea of making sure the books are in order but don’t want to commit to a shelf, you can always drop by and tidy some shelves.

Scrapbook indexing project:  The library was donated a collection of local history scrapbooks.  We have an ongoing project to index the people and places in them.  This project requires a brief training session (about 15 minutes), so we ask that you schedule ahead of time.  It’s a great project for groups.

Summer reading program:  Our annual summer reading program for kids is always a busy time.  We welcome volunteers who want to help out at a busy event or work with the kids during our weekly craft sessions.

Your ideas:  Have a great idea for a way you can help?  Let’s talk about it.