Computer Use Policy

Lonsdale Public Library Computer Use Policy

The library has four (4) computers available for public use. Patrons may use them to access the internet or work with Microsoft Office products including Word and Excel.
Computers users need to sign up at the desk before using a computer.

Acceptable use:

Computers may be used for any work or personal project. No priority will be given based on type of planned use. Computers may not be used for any illegal activity.
Headphones are available for borrowing at the desk. We ask that you please use headphones if you will be doing any task that requires sound.
Patrons may use any open computer. Reserving or saving of specific computers is not allowed.
As with other materials, parents and guardians of minor children–not the library or its staff–are responsible for supervising their children’s use of computers and the internet.

Unacceptable use:

In accordance with Minnesota Statute 134.50, accessing material reasonably believed to be obscene or child pornography within the library, whether on the library’s computers or your personal device, is never allowed.  Circumventing or tampering with the library’s anti-obscenity software is forbidden.

Computers are not to be used to commit any crime, including, but not limited to, computer damage as defined in Minnesota Statute 609.88.

Time limit:

Computers are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. There is a limit of one hour for computer use if others are waiting. If no one is waiting, you may be allowed to continue using the computer for more than an hour.

If we have more patrons wishing to use a computer than there are computers, we will start a waiting list. The waiting list is also “first-come, first-served.” If you are not in the library when a computer becomes available, your spot may be given to the next person on the list.
Patrons who have been using a computer for longest time (if more than one hour) may be asked to surrender their computer.

If asked to surrender a computer because of someone waiting, you may be put on a waiting list for another computer. However, we will not “bump” someone from a computer for you until you have been off the computer for one hour. The same rule will apply if a patron voluntarily gives up their computer.


We have a printer available for public use. There is a fee for printing. Check with staff for cost. Please check the settings carefully before printing, because you will be charged for every page printed. Library staff would be glad to assist you in selecting the correct settings before you print.


Lonsdale Public Library does not monitor or control the content of the material accessed through the internet and cannot be held responsible for its contents. You are responsible for verifying the validity of information you find. The Library employs antivirus software, but it cannot warrant that its website, server, or any other website accessed by internet users is free of viruses or other harmful components.

Approved by Library Board August 17, 2016.