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Virtual Museum Tours

For week five of summer reading program, every level (pre-reader, reader, and teen/tween) has a museum tour activity.  If you can’t get to a physical museum, check out these suggestions.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art:  Minnesota’s largest art museum has a large collection spanning the world and 5000 years of history.  It’s open in person or visit online.

The Louvre:  One of the most famous museums in the world, the Louvre is a former palace located in the heart of Paris.  Some of its most famous works are Leonardo daVinci’s  Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Met, as it’s called, is the largest art museum in the U.S.  Located in New York, it contains a giant collection of art and artifacts from around the world and from ancient to modern.  Don’t miss the mummies!

The Musée d’Orsay:  Housed in a beautiful former train station in Paris, the Orsay houses a fine collection of Impressionist and post-Impressionist art.  Monet!  Van Gogh!

The British Museum: Located in London, the British Museum is a vast collection of human history, art and culture from around the world.  Don’t miss the Rosetta Stone!

Frida Kahlo Museum:  Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her many self-portraits that incorporated Mexican culture and magical realism.  Her Mexico City home is now a museum of her work.

There are lots more museums to explore, of course.  Take a family trip to one in the area that’s open or search online.


Remarkable Reptiles

Remarkable Reptiles
Wednesday, June 30th at 12:00 and 1:15
Lonsdale Elementary School

Our favorite reptile expert, Jim Gerholdt, is back with his turtle, lizard and snake friends.  You may even get to pet a boa constrictor!


There will be two shows, 12:00 and 1:15 at Lonsdale Elementary School.  You need to pre-register here for one session with Tri-City United Community Ed.  There is no charge.  You do not need to be signed up for the summer reading program.  (But you should definitely come in and sign up to get more fun stuff.)

Lonsdale Elementary School on Google Maps

The Jolly Pops!

The Jolly Pops!
Wednesday, June 23rd at 1:00 pm
Sticha Park

We are Happy Dads, We are Jolly Pops!

The family music group The Jolly Pops (Chanhassen, MN) combine upbeat, original music with a host of children’s standards for a concert that is sure to please kids and adults alike. Take a fun ride with the Happy Dads and their puppet friends as they sing about alligator dancing, popsicles, trains, pet dinosaurs…and everything in between!

The target audience is 3 – 8 year olds, but all ages are welcome.  If you would like a chair, please bring one from home.   The concert will last approximately 45 minutes-an hour.  You do not have to be signed up for the summer reading program to attend.  No RSVP required.

Sticha Park on Google Maps

If you went to the program, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey.

Summer Reading Kickoff Pictures

Our summer reading program kickoff cookout was a hit!  Lots of families came by to enjoy free hot dogs, chips and lemonade and to sign up for summer reading.   Big thanks to all our volunteers!

Don’t forget, you can still sign up at the library or online.

Thanks to Mackenthun’s for helping us out with the food!

Signing up!

Enjoying a free lunch.

Volunteers serving.

Another volunteer cooking.

Hot dogs are awesome, just like reading!

Picking up those week one packets.

Summer Reading Prizes

When you sign up for the summer reading program, you get a chance to enter a drawing for one of these grand prize baskets.  There’s something for  everybody!  Ages are just suggestions, choose what you like.  (Please note: some items may be a choking hazard for younger children.  Use caution.)

  • octopus bath toy
  • patriotic bear
  • sand toys
  • beach ball
  • mermaid duck

  • stuffed green crayon
  • rainbow counting bears set
  • Trolls poster set
  • mermaid duck
  • panda hand sanitizer

  1. COLORFUL FUN (4-8)
  • Lite Brite
  • Tonka suncatchers craft kit
  • washable markers
  • jump rope
  • blue winter bear beanie baby

  1. READY FOR A CASTLE (5-10)
  • unicorn plush
  • unicorn water bottle
  • flower sunglasses
  • jump rope
  • Disney princess lip gloss

  • Uno travel tin
  • stuffed shark
  • Minions stationary set
  • dinosaur water bottle
  • dinosaur rubber duck

  1. CRAFTY FUN (8-12)
  • jelli rez craft kit
  • heart bear beanie baby
  • Civil War paper dolls
  • washable markers
  • sloth hand sanitizer

  1. OUTDOOR FUN (8-12)
  • pop-pass ball game set
  • Reading Colors Your World drawstring bag
  • flying disc
  • foam football
  • beach ball

  1. BEACH DAY (8-14)
  • donut duck floatie
  • summer fruit crazy straw cup
  • beach ball
  • goggles
  • dinosaur rubber duck

  1. BE PREPARED (10-18)
  • Reading Colors Your World water bottle
  • pocket multi-tool (screwdriver, level, light)
  • color yourself to calmness book
  • Reading Colors Your World mood pen
  • pineapple hand sanitizer

  1. FASHION PASSION (10-18)
  • Reading Colors Your World tote bag
  • fashion through the ages coloring book
  • colored pencils
  • kitty cosmetic bag
  • Wonder Woman candy tin