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Book Group

Our book group meets the first Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm.   Join our fun group!

For our next read, we have selected Maid by Stephanie Land.  If you want to request a copy, just contact the library.

Summer Reading Wrap-up

Thanks again to everyone who was part of our summer reading program this year.  Special thanks to Casey’s, The Leather Guy, The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota, and Conquer Ninja Gym for donating prizes!  Thanks to Tri-City United Community Education for partnering with us for the popular eagle program!

Thanks also to our great volunteers, the grown-ups who bring their young ones to our events, and particularly to every kid who participated!  We had 287 sign up, which is a great number.

We have given away all of our grand prizes baskets and hope that everyone had a good time and maybe even learned something, whether they won or not.  We captured pictures of a few happy faces.

Don’t stop reading!

Summer Reading Week Six

This is it, the final week of summer reading 2022.  We hope you have been enjoying it as much as we have.  Be sure to bring your booklets in by 2:00 on Saturday to get all the grand prize entries you have earned.  Winners will be notified on Monday.

Maker Monday

We will make fun and tasty fruit and vegetable bugs.

Teens & Tweens Thursday 

We will make fun and tasty fruit and vegetable bugs.

Coding Club will not be held this week.

Ice Cream Social

Join us at Sticha Park at 12:00 noon on Friday for free ice cream!

Summer Reading Week Five

There’s still lots of fun to be had with the summer reading program as we enter our next-to-last week!

Maker Monday


We will make fun clothespin dragonflies, match animal tracks and make yummy rainbow sprinkle pretzels.

National Eagle Center Event

Join us Tuesday at 11:00 am at the TCU Lonsdale Elementary School for a presentation with a live eagle.

Teens & Tweens Thursday

We will make a god’s eye craft.

Coding Club

Learn coding for ages 8-12 and 13+.  Please bring your own device if you have one.

Pre-school Storytime

Enjoy stories and other fun for ages 3-6 with a cowboy theme.

Drop-in Crafts

Make a eagle puppet and a loon collage.

Summer Reading Week Four

We’ve finished half our summer reading program, but there’s still plenty of time to sign up!

Don’t forget we’re closed on Monday for Independence Day.

Maker Monday

Join us for a special Maker Monday on Tuesday.  We will make patriotic rocket crafts and red, white and blue pretzels.

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Bring your stuffed friends in for a special storytime at 6:30, then leave them behind for a sleepover.  Wednesday morning you can pick them up along with a report on their adventures.

Teens & Tweens Thursday

We will make a red, white and blue windsock.

Coding Club

Learn coding for ages 8-12 and 13+.  Please bring your own device if you have one.

Preschool Storytime

Enjoy stories and crafts for ages 3-6 with a caterpillars theme.

Drop-in Crafts

Make a shadow puppet and/or a stick person.

Summer Reading Program Week Three

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already finished two weeks, but there are four weeks to go.  There’s still plenty of time to sign up!

Maker Monday

We will write our names with natural materials.  If you want to bring along small amounts of grasses, leaves, or other natural materials to use, feel free.  Please only harvest with permission; don’t pull up your neighbor’s flowers.

We will also have a trail mix bar.  There will be no nuts or peanuts, but we can’t guarantee everything was produced in a nut-free facility.

Toddler Storytime

Our monthly storytime for ages 18 months to 3 years with a baby theme.

Teens & Tweens Thursday

We will make beautiful handmade journals.

Coding Club

There is no leader for Coding Club this week.  If you want to get together to work on your projects, you may, but there will be no one to guide you.

Preschool Storytime

Enjoy stories and crafts for ages 3-6 with an Independence Day theme.

Drop-in Crafts

We will have a cool 3-D paper campsite and a campfire craft for you to put together.

Fine Free!

Declare your freedom from fines!  Starting July 5th, we will no longer charge late fees for items from our library that are returned late.  Existing late fees on items from our library will be wiped out.

We still expect you to return your items on their due date so that others may check them out. If you lose or damage materials, you will be charged.  Items from other libraries may also still incur late fees.


Q: Does this mean I can just keep my items as long as I want?
A: No.  We still expect you to be responsible and return or renew your materials on time. Don’t deprive your friends and neighbors of the chance to check them out.

Q: Won’t removing late fees mean materials not being returned?
A: There is mounting evidence that libraries that go fine free don’t see a significant increase in items being returned late. In fact, some have seen more returns as people stop being afraid to come back to the library.

Q: I’ve always thought of my late fees as a donation to the library.  Can I still donate?
A: Absolutely!  We always accept donations that we use for cool things like the summer reading program.

Q: Will this mean the library will have to cut back on services?
A: No.  Last year, late fees only accounted for less than 1% of our budget.  Plus, we have already received a generous donation to cover the first year.

Q: Why did you decide to make this change?
A: There is a growing consensus that late fees have little efffect on timely returns and create an unnecessary burden, especially on lower income people.  We want everyone to feel welcome to use the library, not scared of collecting fees.

Q: Will there still be other fees?
A: We will still charge for lost or damaged items, since we need to replace them.  We will also continue to charge fees for printing, copying and faxing, since they help to offset some of the price of those services.

Summer Reading Program Week Two

Summer reading program is off to a great start!  We saw lots of you on week one and hope to keep the momentum going for week two.  Haven’t registered yet?  There’s still lots of time!  Come on in and bring your friends!

Maker Monday

We will craft a paper plate camping scene that goes from day to night and a 3-D tent.  We might also sing some camp songs if anyone will sing along.

Teens & Tweens Thursday

We will make a very cool leather bookmark.  You don’t want to miss this one!

Coding Club

Learn coding for ages 8-12 and 13+.  Please bring your own device if you have one.

Summer Camp Escape Room

We have slots available Thursday at 2:00 and 3:30; Friday at 11:30, 1:00, 2:30 and 4:00; and Saturday at 10:30 and 12:00.  Please call the library ahead of time to sign up.  Limit of 5 per session.  Recommended for ages 10 and up.



Drop-in Crafts

Make a camp necklace and a s’mores headband.


Summer Reading Week one part two

As we wind down our first week of summer reading  2022, let’s look back at what we’ve done already.


Kickoff Cookout

We had a FANTASTIC turnout for our first day event.  We signed up 89 kids and served 140 hot dogs!









Maker Monday

Flower Power: Helping Bees and Butterflies

Kelly from 4H gave a great talk on pollinators and everyone went home with a plant!

And that’s not even including Teens & Tweens, Coding Club, storytime or the cool drop-in crafts.  We’ve got five more weeks to go!