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Five-minute Fridays

We can’t do in-person storytimes right now, which makes us sad. Instead, we’re sharing Five-Minute Fridays. Alternating weeks we have a puppet show or a take-and-make craft, all suitable for pre-school and beyond.  You can find them all on our YouTube channel.

For example, you might enjoy The Elves and the Shoemaker.






On Tuesday, April 30, MNLINK will change. You will still be able to request items from libraries across the state, but regular users will notice that the website is different. That’s because MNLINK is moving to a new software platform.

While it will look a bit different, under the hood, the service is still the same. You’ll continue to use your library barcode and PIN to log in and make requests. However, please be aware that any requests made prior to the transition won’t appear on the new system when you log in. Rest assured that library staff are working behind the scenes to fulfill those requests.

If you haven’t discovered MNLINK yet, this is a great time to start. If you can’t find what you want in our catalog, click on “Search MNLINK” to discover a wide array of collections beyond Lonsdale Public Library and SELCO.

Please note that Minitex will shut down all MNLINK borrowing at 5pm Tuesday, April 29th. MNLINK borrowing will be restored, with the new software at 10am on Wednesday, April 30th. Please be patient with the transition, and feel free to contact the library if you have any questions.

Book Group

Have you been thinking about joining a book group? Our group is open to all! We have excellent discussions of a wide variety of books chosen by the group. And you never have to buy them, just borrow from the library.

Join us via Zoom at 6:00 on Thursday, April 4th to discuss 1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus by Charles C. Mann. Contact the library to order a book and get a link to the Zoom.

How to use the library now

We know it’s strange that the library is open, but not as usual. We hope this photo essay will make you feel comfortable with what to expect when coming to see us. Remember, the library’s temporary hours are 1-6 Monday-Friday and 10-2 Saturday.

Front Door

The entryway is always open, so come in anytime.

Book Returns

Our regular book return is not available, so please leave your returns on this cart whether or not the library is open.

Puzzle Exchange

The same cart also holds our puzzle exchange. Take a puzzle, leave a puzzle, no need to check out. Available whether or not the library is open.

Fun stuff for kids

Just added to the entryway is this table of free, fun things for kids. Take home a packet of coloring and other fun pages, a sucker, a small gift, a bookmark. Also available whether or not the library is open. Contents are subject to change.

Inside door

This door is closed and locked when the library is not open.

Inside door

The door is open when the library is open, so come on in.


Yes, that is cardboard on the floor. Don’t worry, enter anyway. The restrooms are available if you need one.

Main library

As you can see, the main library remains closed, and probably will be for a while. No entry.


Turn left from the entry to the small hallway.

Grown-up book cart

We have a small number of (mostly) new books to browse. These books are available for immediate checkout.

Magazine and brochure rack

Our regular brochure rack also has all of our recent magazines. It’s too complicated to check them out right now, so they are yours to take and keep. First come, first served.

Meeting room/current library

If the door’s open, we are available to help you.

Kids book cart

There are also a small number of kids’ books available to browse for immediate checkout.

No entry

Unfortunately, we can’t let you past the carts to browse the rest of the collections right now. If you want a specific item, you can request online or call the library at 507-744-3977. For items in the library, we should be able to get it for you by the next day.


You can check out items you have on hold or those you got from a browsing cart right inside the door.

The library is still your library, and we hope to see you soon.