Mission, Vision and Values

Lonsdale Public Library Mission, Vision and Values


We welcome all members of our community to the library to learn, be entertained and connect with each other and the broader world.


We envision a library where everyone feels that they belong and have access to current resources that inform, educate and inspire.


We believe the library belongs to the people.  We will treat everyone who enters with respect and welcome.

We believe in learning.  We support early literacy, the joy of reading and life-long learning for all ages.

We believe in diversity. We will strive to be inclusive in all aspects of the library.

We believe in intellectual freedom.  We support the right of everyone to receive information from all points of view without restriction or censorship.

We believe in community.  The library is a place for everyone comfortably to enjoy special events and everyday interaction.

Approved by the Lonsdale Public Library Board February 16, 2022