Code of Conduct

Lonsdale Public Library Code of Conduct

We encourage everyone to be respectful of others.  The library is your space and we ask you to help us make it a pleasant place for the entire community.

Please keep your conversations to a moderate sound level.  Headphones should be used with all computers or other noise-producing devices.  Please set cell phones to silent or vibrate while in the library.  Cell phones conversations should be taken outside.

If you need a quiet place to study, ask library staff.  We may be able to provide a quiet room for you.

Please do not use foul or abusive language toward other patrons or staff.

Food is only allowed in the library with prior approval of library staff.  Beverages may be consumed if they are in closed containers.   No alcohol or illegal drugs.  No smoking.

At no time may rollerblades, skates, wheelie shoes, scooters or skateboards be used inside the library.

All bikes should be parked where they do not impede traffic into the library or the ability of other bike users to access their bikes, preferably in the bike rack.

The library is not responsible for lost items.  Please keep any valuable items with you at all times.

We reserve the right to search any bags or purses for library materials that have not been checked out.

No animals are allowed in the library, with the exception of service animals.

Do not damage library furnishing, equipment or materials.  You may be charged for deliberate damage.

Library staff may ask disruptive patrons to leave the library at the staff’s discretion.  Serious or repeat offenders may lose their library privileges.  Criminal acts will result in police being called.


Approved by Library Board September 17, 2014